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COVID-19 in our area - How we are coping

 COVID-19 has affected everybody, but our local towns and villages have done a wonderful job of giving support to the people who needed it.

 We have been asked by the Community Wellbeing Action Committee (see below) to find out how support has been organised in our towns and villages and how well this has gone. We can use this information to recommend how to cope with any future crises.

 This study is being funded by the Friends of Fairford and Lechlade Communities who have always provided support locally with lunch clubs, home nursing, delivering prescriptions and many other services. 

 This work also has the backing of the Cotswold District Council.

 Supporters –

We would like to know in more detail about the support you gave and how well this has gone. Perhaps you helped people by doing their shopping or collecting prescriptions when they couldn't leave the house.

 Can you please help us by filling in a brief questionnaire? 

If you click this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/JWWDGXS a questionnaire will appear which you can fill in.  


Support receivers –

We would like to know in more detail about the support you have received and what you think about it. Perhaps people did shopping for you or collected prescriptions when you couldn't leave the house.

Can you help us by filling in a brief questionnaire? If you click this link: https://www.surveymonkey.co.uk/r/B7YVRHK a questionnaire will appear which you can fill in. 

When you have completed the questionnaire, if you would like to be included in  a draw to win 50, just put your telephone number on the survey where shown.


If you would prefer to complete the survey via a telephone interview please give us a ring to arrange a suitable time. Our telephone numbers are below.


Any information collected in the online questionnaire and any telephone interview will be strictly confidential and will comply with the General Data Protection Regulation Act of 2018. Furthermore, no person's contact information will be identifiable in our final report.  


We should be grateful if you could complete the survey in the next 5 days so that we can analyse the results as soon as possible. We will use this to write a report about how well support has been organised in your area and what we can learn from it.


Thank you for your help.


Henry Vass Tel: 07794 007 867.  henry.vass1@gmail.com

 Iwan Ellis    Tel: 07944 631 467   iwanellis97@gmail.com


About the Community Wellbeing Action Committee 

The Committee has 14 members drawn from Fairford, Lechlade and the surrounding areas. The Committee’s Steering Group members are John Read (Chair. Tel: 01285 713681 robertjohnread@me.com), Margaret Bishop, Jacqueline Wright (CDC Wellbeing), Cllr Stephen Andrews (CDC), Kurt Eyre, David Newton and Mitchell Watkins.





We are contacting as many organisations as possible within Fairford, Lechlade and the surrounding villages to advise that we have funds available to provide financial support to those affected by Covid-19.

A fund has been established to provide financial support to local organisations, charities, volunteer groups, families and individuals who have been impacted by Covid-19. It is available to these groups and individuals who are within our area of operations; that is Fairford, Lechlade and the surrounding villages.

The fund has been established due to the enormous generosity of The Lakes By Yoo Company and the residents at The Lakes By Yoo development. They have asked Friends of Fairford & Lechlade Communities, your local charity, to manage the fund for the community.

Application forms for funding can be downloaded from our website www.friendsoffairford.org.uk or obtained by emailing chair@friendsoffairford.org.uk

Applications can only be made for support funding in relation to the Covid-19 crisis including:

1. Expenditure on short-term needs for example:

  • Costs/expenses incurred in assisting vulnerable people and families obtaining essential supplies.
  • Expenses for volunteer groups, community organisations, local charities who are providing help to the community.
  • Funding to assist families/individuals who have suffered a sudden loss of income creating financial hardship due to Covid-19
  • 2. Support funding over the medium term to local organisations and charities who have lost their income streams because of Covid-19 and need some funding to maintain or re-establish their services within the community.


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