GCC Elections - Statement of persons nominated


May 2021

VACANCY - Parish Maintenance Position


April 2021



Our current Maintenance Contractor is retiring at the end of June and we are looking to find a replacement available to start in mid-June for an appropriate hand-over.

The self-employed position involves undertaking various maintenance of parish assets as determined by the Parish Council which will include –

·The Phone boxes at Whelford and Dunfield


·All Parish Council noticeboards

·Play areas

·Open spaces

·Erection of signs and bins on behalf of the Council

·Changing of mobile speed sign battery and relocating in turn to agreed locations

·Delivery of monthly newsletters to Parish Distributors

No set hours will be determined and services will be called upon when required.

If you interested and would like further information, please contact the Clerk

The deadline for applications is 31st May 2021 and a decision will be made at the Parish Council meeting on Tuesday 15th June 2021.

Lake 104 footpaths update

Lake 104, Fairford

Lake 104 footpath update

During the development works the footpath around Lake 104 is closed on three sides and through to Welford Road. There is partial access from Fairford on both the northern and southern paths, but these are dead ends, so walkers will need to turn around when they meet the barrier and walk back the way they have come.

Kempsford Parish Council, along with Fairford Town Council, is in contact with Coln Residential, (the developer) to explore ways of opening the path, at least in part, whenever and wherever possible during the building works.

It may be some access can be arranged on a temporary basis from time to time and the Council will notify residents about this if and when it becomes available.

Key dates for upcoming local elections on 6 May

Key dates for residents to be aware of for the upcoming local elections on 6 May

Registering to vote

Anyone who wishes to vote must be registered on the electoral register. The deadline for those who are not registered to make an application is Monday 19 April. For more information and to register see:https://www.gov.uk/register-to-vote

Postal voting

For anyone interested in voting by post this year they just need to make sure they apply before 20 April 2021. They can request a postal vote application form by visiting https://www.electoralcommission.org.uk/i-am-a/voter/voting-person-post-or-proxy/voting-post

We would encourage people to sign up to do this as soon as possible.

Proxy voting

If a resident is unable to make it to the polling station, then they can nominate someone to be their proxy and cast their vote for them. The proxy needs to be a registered voter and able to attend the voter’s own polling station. Applications for proxy voting need to be sent to the District Council by no later than 5pm on Tuesday 27 April.

More information around the local elections for 2021 can be found at our website https://cotswold.gov.uk/about-the-council/elections-and-voting/current-and-future-elections/

Waste water problems in Kempsford

Houses, particularly in the Holford Crescent and Lancaster Road area of Kempsford, have been suffering from waste water problems which have made the downstairs toilets, washing machines and Dishwashers unusable. The problems were traced back to the pumping station near the Church, were the 2 pumps were damaged and were unable to disperse the waste. Tankers have had to be called to remove the waste before they can repair the pumps. The pumps were damaged by materials which should not have been disposed of down the toilets or sinks.

Please do not dispose of items such as disposable nappies, sanitary items and wet wipes down the toilets as these contain plastic which do not break down. Fats and oils should not be disposed of down the sink as they cool to form “Fat Bergs” in the system.

Blackburr Farm Quarry Development Proposal

Get extra support during power cuts

Please see the attached leaflets on how to sign up for extra support during power cuts

Community Wellbeing Service in the Cotswolds

The Community Wellbeing Service in the Cotswolds provides support to improve the health and wellbeing of the community and residents. The effects of the COVID19 lockdown have increased the loneliness and social isolation that we faced in the district, along with the effect it has had on those suffering with mental health issues. If you, or anyone you know has faced issues relating to the above, or other factors impacting their health and wellbeing, then please get in contact for our support.

We are accepting new referrals from anyone in the community, health professionals and self-referrals.

For more information on the service and what we can help with please visit our website https://www.grcc.org.uk/individuals-and-families/community-wellbeing-service. To get in contact please call 07738 106384 or email cws.grcc@nhs.net.